Land Use and GIS

A new residential subdivision

The Land use and GIS Unit has a permanent staff of three Physical Planners and one GIS technician. Over the years volunteers, student interns and consultants working with the Physical Planning Division have been temporary additions to the Land use and GIS Unit. 

The work of the Physical Planners cover a range of Land use and Development matters which include compiling and analyzing statistical data and Land use information, evaluating applications for Physical Planning permission and Monitoring Subdivision activity.

The GIS Technician Manages the Geographic Information System database for the efficient utilization of data in the Department, provides technical support for the creation of maps and plans using appropriate software solutions, maintains and updates the Subdivision database and Performs a variety of activities to facilitate the smooth functioning of the Geographic Information Unit of the Physical Planning Division.

The completed work by Student Interns, Volunteers, Consultants and any work relating to Physical Planning Projects can be found in section on Projects.

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