Development Control

Development Control is the control of development and built structures. This is enforced by the Development Control Officer (DCO), who processes the applications for Planning Permission to develop land. Such applications can be the construction of new buildings and extensions to existing ones. The officer also monitors building construction activity.

Each DCO is assigned a development control area or district. The entire island is divided into fourteen (14) of these districts as seen in the displayed map. Shown below are the officers responsible for each district, these are subject to change.

Joseph Fontaine
Joseph Fontaine
Districts: 60, 71
Portsmouth - Capuchin
Dos Dane - Peinville

Eric Shillingford
Eric Shillingford
Districts: 20
Leopoldville, Wallhouse, Castle Comfort, Madrelle,
Loubiere, Kingshill, Newtown, Roseau, Goodwill,
Bath Estate, Elmshall, Louisville

Micheal Theophille
Micheal Theophille
Districts: 20, 30, 71, 72, 73
Morne Daniel, Cockrane, Checkhall, Massacre
Roger to Sylvania, Penrice, Bells, Concord,
Marigot, Wesley, Woodford Hill to Anse Sol data,
Hamstead, Brantridge, Paix Bouche

Chester Alie
Chester Alie
Districts: 40, 50
Jimmit, Tareau, Layou, Layou Valley and Soultoun,
St. Joseph, Mero, Salisbury, Coulibistrie,
Morne Rachette, Colihaut and Dublanc

Tenny Shillingford
Tenny Shillingford
Districts: 30, 91, 82, 81
Yam Piece, Stock Farm, Tarish Pit, Gutter Village, Campbell, Belfast
Delices to La Plaine, Grand Fond, Riviere Cyrique, Fondmelle,
Good Hope to Petite Soufriere, Castle Bruce to Carib Territory

Miguel St. Ville
Miguel St. Ville
Districts: 10, 20, 92
Pointe Michel to Scottshead,
Roseau Valley
Giraudel and Eggleston,
Bellevue Chopin, Pichelin, Grand bay,
Tete Morne, Bagatelle, Petite Savanne

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